RE: Are we killing our customers with engagement?

Facebook is seeing a decline in use. Studies show that users are un-Liking business pages. Consumers are getting savvy and more jaded about businesses use of social media—and they’re responding negatively. The thing is, it’s our own fault.

via Are we killing our customers with engagement?.

I think there is a more simple understanding of what is happening here. People like a business page but then start to get all the posts from that business. Unless a user likes every word out of the mouth of that business, they are going to get annoyed and then unlike the page.

This to me underlies a bigger problem which is the noise of information and no real way to filter the wall feed. People should be able to tag items from a business page they are interested in and filter the type and amount of information they get on their wall. Right now Facebook walls are real estate right next to the freeway…