OK, Where to start… Well with millions of about me pages it makes you wonder how unique you really are. One of the unique things about me is that I constantly flow with ideas and innovation. I can look at almost anything and come up with elaborate strategies and innovation for it in seconds. I always feel the well is never dry.

Growing up in a tough situation I learned to observe things fast and that is one of my greatest traits. Mix that with a crazy ability to see structures, mechanics, relationships, and patterns, and you get someone who can see innovation everywhere. My biggest fear is that I am wasting it. I feel like a man on an island that is an outsider. Though I am not in the mix, I feel I can sit down with anyone and add value that will blow their mind. My problem I realized this year is my talent is wasted until I find the right people.

My goal from here forward is to find great minds and socialize with them. All I need is the opportunity and the rest will take care of itself. Quality thought will trump almost everything else. Great ideas are rare and the ability to generate them repeatedly is of huge value in this world. Now my journey is going to be to find the right people who can help me go where I want to go.

How about some basics about me, here is a short list: Businessman, Strategist, Innovator, Social Media, Marketing, Real Estate, Technology, Musician, Songwriter, Bible Scholar, Messianic, Snowboarder, Avid Reader, Love Social Science, Learning anything brings me energy, Humble but confident, Critic, Reviewer, Analyzer, Loyal Friend, Compassionate, BS Caller, Craft Beer Geek…. There is much more. Let’s get to know each other..


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