My Start-up Journey RE:How Do Co-Founders Meet?

The co-founding trend is going strong, with many of today’s up-and-coming startups led by two (or more) complementary individuals.

via How Do Co-Founders Meet? 17 Startups Tell All.

Founder or co founder, that is the question…. It seems that many businesses start with multiple people and then split or break up. Most of the good hollywood stories like Social Network bring the drama by the founders getting in fights or splitting. Is that what you want for your start-up?

Hey it is only half the profits, and twice the headache... If that isn’t fun enough, get more people… As I start my journey into the tech startup business I am weighing my options. It seems to me going it alone can have some really bad impacts but the glory is not diluted if you make it through everything. Two people to me seems like it would be worse than three of four in that you can really butt heads because as soom as you have a disagreement you have a whole split. With three people you get a little more balance but you give up another cut of profits.

So what is the best start-up model or is there a best? I think it comes down more to who you are starting up your business with maybe more than how many. Like all relationships who is on the other side can dramatically add to or take away from the success of the relationship. For now I will continue to research this to determine who I will bring in to my projects and businesses.


An Open Invitation to Build the Facebook Killer..

OK so it seems odd to write a post like this, but here is the situation.. I am a strategist, I see patterns, mechanics, and trends. I am not a computer programmer nor am I in that world. I am an outsider (where real innovation comes from). I have an incredible set of ideas that could change marketing, the internet, social media, and online and offline marketing forever, and yes it could be the Facebook killer.

Do I have your attention yet? The problem, I am an outsider… I do not know VC, programming, or where I would start. Imagine if a person really had the next Google, or Facebook in their head but didn’t know what to do with it… That is where I am. When I look at things like Facebook I see what doesn’t work, I see it like a baby spitting up on itself compared to what it should be. I see the game changing things that need to happen and also understand why they had the success they did. I can also see why so many other ‘me too’ companies can’t take significant market share from them. I will rewrite social.

I sent two emails, one to Google, and one to Amazon saying I wanted to talk to someone there. I was turned down by Jeff Bezos’s personal assistant, and never heard back from Google. Since then I decided I may just have to build it. Problem I need a good team and counsel on how to approach this project. I think the vision I have for this will change how things are being done in social forever and that will ultimately change the world. I thought to myself I will have to write in an article how Google and Amazon passed on it when it is the number one site on the internet… I know it must seem bold to hear someone say that, but I guess we will see. One of the major problems has been monetizing social and up until now it has been modest or obtrusive to users.. There is a much better way for both. I am not talking about building another site that plays by the lame rules already set, I am talking about going to the next and even next level of what could and should be.

Here is what I need and what I don’t want. I am not going to give away a bunch to a VC or programmer, money and programming can be easily found. I have elaborate details and structures already put together as far as planning goes. Though I need money, expertise, and programming, it isn’t going to be a ‘partnership’ for everyone. There will be huge benefits for some. I like to keep the party small. I am looking for the right people who want to be a part of the next big thing. Since I don’t operate in the silicon valley world I need to figure out who can help me and who I want to share with. I know quite well the value of what I am talking about so scammers and greedy people will not do well with me. I am very loyal and I plan on changing the world and doing business the way it should be done.

Let’s get to the good part… If you feel you can help me, are curious, or think you can connect me with the right people, resources etc.. I will not forget you even if you aren’t the person. It is going to take the right team to do this.. I am interviewing… not begging…. I am not going to take the first offer of help or any if I don’t feel it is right. I am just sending out the smoke signal to people who would have liked to been partners with Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, but missed those historic opportunities… Well knock knock, opportunity is knocking again and I would like to talk with you. I would like a mix of people. Some who have already built some successful things and had big success so they can provide the insight to avoid the common mistakes, and some new people who want to be part of the next generation of game changers.. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing if you are fit…