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Moreover, content has become the new software, what with zero marginal production and distribution costs. When you consider especially that cheap hardware and open source software has rendered technology anything but defensive, you wonder if the VC herd will perk up and follow Mark’s lead.

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I think there is a glaring factor missing in this train of thought. Video is like software in comparison of the value being in the hardware, then hardware becoming less important and the software that could go on any hardware was the key.

The problem with thinking video is the new software is that unlike software which models the hit shows, video in general is not as rare as software. People are willing to watch a ton of videos of all quality and from any source. Software had a function and depending on the quality there was a huge difference in the result. Seeing a cat play piano poorly is as good as watching a professional show to some. Because of this, content in the video world is not as marketable as software. That being said, I can think of many innovations that can create new opportunities in the world of video but it has to be able to operate in a new way with the current environment.

Video is going to get better and it is just another form of information waiting to be capitalized on…


Advantage is Not Useful Unless You Take It

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You can't just reach, you have to takeLets start with the title of this post again… Advantage is not useful if you don’t take it… People pass over profound things too fast. Sometimes in our drive to think fast and move fast we don’t absorb enough value out of quality things. Let’s look at advantage.

Everyone thinks that if they just get a little advantage over their competition they will win…Wrong. Say you build an awesome new lead capture system and then fail to follow up on the leads. Look at Netflix, they created an advantage over Blockbuster and then didn’t seal the deal. Blockbuster returned the favor by presenting a weak attempt at poking the eye of Netflix when their common business sense went AWOL. Blockbuster should have launched a $9,99 one or two video in the mail service. Even if it was a break even or slight loss, they could have put a nail in their biggest competitor’s coffin. Missed Opportunity.

Advantage is not useful if you don’t capitalize on it. Netflix should have offed Blockbuster by teaming up with Redbox or creating their own Netflix boxes so people could exchange movies more often and then they could hurt both Blockbuster and Redbox. Redbox has the website, now they should work on streaming, or mail delivery. Each of these business structures is vulnerable to a reduction or removal of competitive advantage yet they are so in love with their own concept that they miss the opportunity to use their advantage. I wonder if companies would hire outside strategists to consult CEOs, sounds like a job I would do…

The point is that sometimes you build a business around advantages that you never leverage and take advantage of. An advantage is not an advantage if you don’t take advantage of your advantage.

Don’t sleep on your ideas RE:New Conductive Paint On Solar Cells

New Conductive Paint On Solar Cells « MOLECULE / Furniture & Design — Latest News.

This is crazy I was going to contact Elon Musk about this same thing.. I had this idea like ten years ago for both roof shingles in solar membranes and also solar paint using nano technology. This could then also be used in the auto industry and many other applications.

The key thing here is to be able to get the conversion efficiency up. See what happens when you sit on an idea too long. That is OK I have a billion ideas. The next key is understanding how to turn heat loss into energy with similar technology. We have used waste in many fields and one of the fundamental wastes in our world is heat expelled by a multitude of processes. There are key functions that when innovated can produce a huge amount of opportunities.

My Start-up Journey RE:How Do Co-Founders Meet?

The co-founding trend is going strong, with many of today’s up-and-coming startups led by two (or more) complementary individuals.

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Founder or co founder, that is the question…. It seems that many businesses start with multiple people and then split or break up. Most of the good hollywood stories like Social Network bring the drama by the founders getting in fights or splitting. Is that what you want for your start-up?

Hey it is only half the profits, and twice the headache... If that isn’t fun enough, get more people… As I start my journey into the tech startup business I am weighing my options. It seems to me going it alone can have some really bad impacts but the glory is not diluted if you make it through everything. Two people to me seems like it would be worse than three of four in that you can really butt heads because as soom as you have a disagreement you have a whole split. With three people you get a little more balance but you give up another cut of profits.

So what is the best start-up model or is there a best? I think it comes down more to who you are starting up your business with maybe more than how many. Like all relationships who is on the other side can dramatically add to or take away from the success of the relationship. For now I will continue to research this to determine who I will bring in to my projects and businesses.

A Change in User Interface RE:Developers Work to Bring Siri to Older iPhones

As a direct effect, developers are already working on a project called “i4Siri,” which will hopefully bring the personal assistant to the last year’s iPhone in a legal way. There will still be a need for older devices to run iOS 5, but with a couple of Cydia tweaks and utilities, Siri will probably help you get things done on your iPhone 4 soon.

via Developers Work to Bring Siri to Older iPhones [VIDEO].

It is funny they would waste the time to push this to older phones, in some ways they are the king of building a cool product then creating another one right after that makes you think their old product isn’t good enough. They are bucking the trend here by caring enough for a product to go back and make it better, though I suspect their interest is to push the new voice interface culture more than caring about making your last model phone cool.

The second interesting thing is that Siri is on a phone. It may seem like nothing, but in the user interface world this is a strategic move. Siri lets people now talk to their machines. This is one more step toward trying to humanize the technology interface. Of course using the phone as the gateway makes sense since we already talk into the phone.

Previously talking to other people with the phone being the interface, now we talk to the interface. This is very smart and part of a bigger plan to get people to humanize technology and machines. It will then move the flaw of user interface from the mechanics of use to the translation and understanding of the phone. Interesting to think of the ramifications to other markets, technologies, and devices..

User Interface RE:3 New Ways to Connect With Content That Interests You

This week, we chose three startups that are helping to tailor content in a digital environment that has become over-saturated with information

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Very good post, and besides the 3 startups it lists, they catch on a very powerful concept. Information management and display is a huge issue in an information age. It isn’t just building websites and apps that do this on a singular level. Designers can learn from this and add this to their projects they are working on.

This is the backbone of user interface, and I have said before that the future is about user interface. How we connect to information is measured every time a user accesses our site or product. How much static is in the line and how smoothly the interaction between technology and humans is will determine a large part of every projects success.

Design – Measuring the Purity of your Information Interface

Hello Everyone,

So as I explore the world of information and innovation, I bring with it a point of view and observations of an outsider…

First observation, the news sites and blogs on tech are vomited with ads and clutter. Most popular blogs are so busy I feel like a goat that was scared and might tip over. For technology experts you would think the basic concept of streamlined efficient user interface would be common sense.

Why not have a simple layout that delivers high quality information? That is what my vision for my blog is. Do we need flashing ads? Hell no! people who are smart enough to read about technology and innovation are too smart to be lured into an ad for some crap that is flashing in the sidebar. Do you really buy a Chevy because a banner ad? Let’s start with smarts.

If your information is a Ferrari you don’t need to try and monetize the blog with a flashing idiot ad. I expect more out of the top people in the tech world. Your information has a user interface and it is the layout of your blog or site. How is clutter working for Yahoo right now vs Google…. All this innovation and not the common sense to make a site that is as intelligent as the people reading it. Think about it..