How to Hug a Blogger

OK so we all write content and spend our time sharing information with others. With so much information available we all know what it is like to find a really good article. Many people come and read the article that took the blog author time and expertise to write and then leave without so much as a comment.

Blogging is about sharing, it is about giving the best you have to help others

We have been taught to be selfish in society and always think of WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). The days of saying thank you are gone and few and far between are those considerate people who believe they should repay those who they have benefited from.

So how exactly do you repay a blogger? You give them a hug. I am not talking about driving to their hometown and stalking them until the moment is right…. I am talking about returning something of value to them.

Blog Author Hugging 101:

Definition: Squeeze (someone) tightly in one’s arms, typically to express affection.

Hugging: See all those little buttons around the post: Like, Thumbs up, Stumble, Digg, Tweet, +1, etc.. That is how you thank the blogger for their effort. It is something only you can do for the blogger and it is a great way to tell them thanks. Press everything, if you don’t have an account, it only takes a second to make one so you can promote that post and any others after that.

Comment: Yes, comment. More than anything people want to know that the info they spent time writing has impacted someone or at least sparked a thought good or bad. Try and say more than nice post which not only doesn’t add value by itself, but may indicate you skimmed it and didn’t really read it. Just saying nice post is like saying “Ehh” after they present their ideas.

Be the first to comment whenever possible. If a post has no comments other people are likely to not comment either. The first comments get the party started and help everyone go beyond the surface of the blog post. Comment often and ask questions, the comment section is a party.

Sharing is Caring: Tweet it, share it to your network and followers. This gives the post legs and helps it reach more people we all have a little network we can share to and a great way to make a blogger feel appreciated is to hit the share buttons. A few seconds shows you are a team player and they are likely to do the same for you.

Go Beyond:  Go to another post and do the same thing. If you really want to say I appreciate what you are doing, then go hug another one of their posts. Hug it out…. It is hard not to hug back. This is the essence of networking success. Social media is about relationships, the technology is supposed to help us manage them, it won’t create them by itself.

This is just good citizenship, silent eyes on posts that don’t interact are many times unseen by the author and makes it hard to hear the thank you. There are some very good Blog Huggers out there and it takes one to know one. Now you can start to notice when people are hugging you and you you can hug them back. Be a responsible reader and give back. After all we all need a good hug now and then…


25 thoughts on “How to Hug a Blogger

    • Yes, I felt I had to say this since many people just look past those buttons and either don’t know what they do or don’t press them. And like you said it is a great way for bloggers to get feedback from the people they are sharing with.

  1. Blog commenting is part of a daily routine, following the Google Blog Alerts regarding the Keywords relevant to my passions.
    I just take a few minutes to Share and Edify the work of others…
    And learn a lot along the way

  2. Hi there Ross,
    I just found this post when I was browsing tags about blogging, and I think it’s excellent. You really sum things up well. This is social media after all, so that kind of implies the communication should go both ways. In my own short journey with blogging I found that once I overcame my shyness and started commenting on posts I appreciated, a whole new world of networking opened up to me, I’ve made some great connections with a very supportive group of bloggers now.

    • Corisel,
      You are on the right track about Blogging. It offers much to many.
      I met Ross and hos Blog on —-Really a powerful adjunct to Blogging and Social media.
      This past Wednesday I interviewed the Founder and CEO of SCOOP.IT
      I would be happy to send you the Mp3

      • That’s great; I just introduced Ross to my key blog-sharing tools: ScoopIt, Pinterest, Twylah, Triberr, Digg and StumbleUpon over this week! Its happening for him at lightning speed! You’ll find me if you go looking, Chuck…

    • I learned a long time ago that the blog is really the table we sit at to interact with each other. Commenting has produced as much as reading blogs because as you said you network and make new connections in the comment section.

    • Yes Lisa many people see it as a chance to say something and can sometimes miss the huge value of replying to something and also supporting others. It is a sandbox and sharing rules.

  3. You know my thing, “like shouting from the back of an AM/PM Minimart, facing a six-lane highway, diesel trucks roaring; bloggers can feel like this – when they find no one reading. Interaction makes a difference. Next, let’s get you set up with your own sharing buttons 🙂

  4. Wonderful post Ross! I know what a great feeling it is to ‘get a hug’ when someone has read a post I’ve worked on ..and I really appreciate when they have new thougths or perspectives to share with me, I end up learning so much too! Thank you for reminding us all how important it is to share this feeling with others …pay it forward. Have a wonderful day! All the best, Kelly

    • Thanks Kelly, Sometimes the obvious gets looked over and people forget to say thank you to people who have enriched their lives. There are real people behind all this digital stuff and appreciation is a human trait that makes the digital world a better place. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I like this post a lot. I’ve never thought of it like hugging before, and who doesn’t love lots of hugs (well, depending on who’s hugging I suppose lol)? I need to get better at sharing the love myself.

    • Mitch, it isn’t just about blogging, it is about returning to a pleas adn thankyou society which is a much better place to live. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Wow! This post really resonated with me, Ross — especially because I often include a text-based “hug” in my social media interactions. I hadn’t even thought of these different ways I can share my hug love with others! =) Sharing is caring indeed!

    • I am glad you like it Samantha, Hugging has many intrinsic values beyond the obvious. I reminds us daily to give of ourself and appreciate others. Thanks for your comment.

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