My Journey as a Tech Start-up

Hello Everyone,

Well, It has officially sunk in, I am in the Tech startup business. I have had ideas for many years on what should be done and how to fix the ills of the online world. I am finally dedicated to doing just that. For a non programming guy that means starting as an outsider. So what is the first order of business… Research and networking.

Since I don’t know the in crowd of people changing the webernets, I have to penetrate that world. Research always goes a long way and much information can be had by searching online. Not only do I have to research the process to get familiar with how to approach the whole thing, but also finding the right people to talk to.

Getting connected to the right people is priceless. Sometimes you may never know if the people you got together with were the right ones, but over time you will sure know if they were the wrong ones. It is kinda like having a baby. You don’t want to spread your innovation legs to the first sailor who walks by. At the same time it is hard to evaluate which choices are right the first time you are doing something.

When I watch bios of people who founded things like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, I feel like that is what I should be doing. Some kids say they want to be a fireman, or astronaut, I want to be the next Zuckerberg. I had a real estate team for the last ten years, but that market is just not hot right now, not only that I spent my time enjoying creating systems and new marketing plans much more that I did like actually doing the day to day grind. Real Estate allowed me to express my creativity but as I realized later, it was not enough to satisfy my appetite for innovation.

For now I move forward to see if this guy out of nowhere can not only jump into the world of tech start-ups based solely on the quality of my ideas and strategies, but also to see if an outsider can change the whole game and how it can be done… Stay tuned


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