GoDaddy Changes Position on SOPA Kinda..

In a brief interview with TechCrunch, GoDaddy’s new CEO, Warren Adelman, did a little damage control relating to the company’s highly public reversal of its position on SOPA. GoDaddy had previously issued a strong statement of support for the controversial bill, which you can find here. The last day has seen a growing grassroots rejection of the company and its position in the form of a boycott (this Reddit thread has much related info). But today brought a statement from the company apparently doing a complete about-face.

via GoDaddy CEO: “There Has To Be Consensus About The Leadership Of The Internet Community” | TechCrunch.

Companies sometimes reveal themselves as machines clothed like humans. GoDaddy, supported it and now that it is hurting the bottom line they and backing off but not taking a stand against it. Where does that leave them… One of two spaces: either they will secretly support it or they will be neutral. Notice neither has to do with their customers.

The fact is that companies many times only care about their customers because they have a dollar sign associated to them. That is not caring about your customers, it is caring about your bottom line and for most that is all it is…You decide..


3 thoughts on “GoDaddy Changes Position on SOPA Kinda..

  1. I agree, It is so irritating when companies only treat you like a dollar sign and will only pretend to care about your interests when their dirty little secret gets publicity. What is worse is when they wont admit when they are wrong but instead try justify their position or simply ignore the facts that are laid out in front of them. Companies need to stand up and take responsibility for their actions just like real people do. They then need to make it right when they screw up. THEN I would respect them!

  2. Godaddy, could face a Netflix situation real fast if it doesn’t watch itself. Any move away from business in the tech world can spark a firestorm… What were they strategically thinking….?

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