Innovation Abandoned

Hello Everyone,

Oh it feels good to come up with a new hot idea…. The problem is that most people act like a one night stand when it comes to innovation. Like hooking up with a woman you just met, you do what feels good with no thought of responsibility. Thus, many people create for themselves another unfulfilled an unsuccessful relationship.

Innovation takes commitment. Once you birth an idea it is your responsibility to take care of it. There are scores of deadbeat creative people out there with ideas that they left behind. Innovation requires parenting an idea until it can move out and live on its own. For most game-changers, this is when their idea starts getting traction.

Wise counsel is like sending your idea to college. Sometimes we don’t have all the pieces needed to see our ideas through to graduation. Don’t get stuck trying to homeschool your ideas. Sometimes they can be too sheltered to really develop.

Don’t abandon your ideas, they need you. If you aren’t willing to commit to their success then try keeping your mind closed and practice a little abstinence….



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